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Our company provides trouble-free voyages of seafarers with ship machinery service. here to support. With our expert team and our understanding of quality service, We offer reliable solutions for the repair, maintenance and troubleshooting of ship machinery. Our aim is to ensure that ships operate efficiently and safely. to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and to ensure that the flights continue uninterrupted.


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About Us

"Reliable Solutions in Machine Maintenance and Service for Uninterrupted Performance We are with you!”

Full Marin Denizcilik is about the maintenance and service of ship diesel main engines. is a specialized company. Since the day we were founded, we have been serving our customers in the maritime industry. We work hard to provide high quality and reliable solutions.

Customer satisfaction is one of the primary goals of Full Marin Shipping. of our customers We work devotedly to understand their needs and offer them the most appropriate solutions. Cooperation, honesty and transparency are our core values. Close communication with our customers We aim to exceed their expectations.

A wide range of activities in the field of maintenance and service of ship diesel main engines we show. With our experience and expertise, routine maintenance, repairs, revisions, spare parts We offer comprehensive solutions on issues such as supply and emergency response. To our customers We help them provide uninterrupted and reliable performance in their ship operations.

Quality and safety are key elements at the heart of our business. to high standards We are committed to providing our customers with reliable and sustainable solutions. Work By working meticulously on the health and safety of our staff and customers, We make sure it is.

As Full Marin Denizcilik, the sector in the maintenance and service of ship diesel main engines We aim to be the leader. By offering innovative solutions to our customers, we We will continue to adapt to your needs.

What are we doing?
Our Service Area
Main Engine Overhaul and Generator Overhaul

All equipment in the Engine Room planned or unplanned maintenance needs, regardless of brand or model. carried out by our technical and expert team. Main engine, generators, all auxiliary pumps and their all valves are maintained without any problems and It is reported and delivered to the ship's technical officer or class officer.

24/7 Technical Support Service

With our 24/7 full-time support service, we prevent you from being stranded. We are always with you for safe and uninterrupted flights!

Spare Parts Supply

The experienced and expert team of our company takes great care to understand the needs of our customers and to supply the most accurate spare parts. Our technical experts advise our clients, helping them choose the right parts and keep their ships running efficiently.

Pump, Cooler, Seperator, Heater Maintenance

We carry out repairs and repairs in a wide range of different types and brands in the maintenance and repair of Pumps, Kulers, Heaters, Separators. Through our experienced technical team to improve performance, troubleshoot and preventive maintenance We meticulously carry out all the necessary procedures to extend the life of the equipment. We ensure reliability and durability by using high quality spare parts.

Ship Type Transmission Overholes

Ship transmissions are a critical component that transmits the ship's power and controls the motion system. Therefore, regular maintenance and repair of transmissions is vital to the performance and safety of the ship. Our company, with its experienced technical team and advanced technology equipment, provides all repairs of ship type gearboxes. and care needs. Our team specialized in gearbox repair and maintenance, identifies problems and offers effective solutions by making detailed analysis of ship transmissions. Performs necessary repairs meticulously and parts parts to high quality standards. changes accordingly. Thus, the performance and durability of ships' transmissions increase.

Technical Consulting and Reporting

Ships consist of complex machinery systems and unexpected failures, can increase operational costs and endanger navigational safety. The experienced consultants of our company can repair the malfunctions in the ship machinery. It uses advanced analysis methods to detect quickly and accurately. As a result of detailed examination and tests, it determines the root causes of the problems and offers effective solutions.

Projects We Have Realized
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Customer satisfaction is always our priority. Contact us through our contact section. You can contact us for any questions, suggestions or complaints. Full Marine As the maritime team, we are in close communication with our customers, and we We are working to provide solutions.

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